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Home Theater In a BOX, In a BUNDLE, In BOXES, or IntelliBeam™?

Home Theater In Boxes The purpose of is to make it easier for you to comparison shop, purchase, properly set up, and enjoy a quality home theater audio system -- packaged and shipped in as many recyclable corrugated boxes as it takes -- that works well together with, and maximizes the performance and potential of, your television and source components. This is my virtual Home Theater Internet Boutique, so don't worry, I won't try to convince you of the benefits of hydroxy (tosyloxy) iodo benzene (HTIB), but I do think you should give a listen to H.T.I.B. KVARTET :)

Home Theater Is Beautiful The primary goal of setting up a home theater is to re-create that beautiful, larger-than-life, audio-visual experience of going to your local cinema, but scale the size down to fit the smaller confines, privacy, and comforts of home. Of course, you also want your audio system to sound great when you are "just" listening to music.

The ideal type(s) and number of speakers for your home theater is largely determined by the overall size, dimensions, shape, and unique characteristics of the room in which you plan on setting it up, and the proposed location of the TV screen and seating. Home Theater In Basement? Home Theater In Bedroom?? Home Theater In Backyard??? Keep in mind that you've got to run/fish/conceal (in-wall) speaker wire from your home theater receiver to each of the speakers in your system, unless you are fortunate enough to already have your room properly pre-wired (or you go with a "wireless" system such as Sonos).

In general, a large room will sound great with 7.1 speaker or better yet 7.2 speaker surround sound, an average-size room will sound awesome with 5.1 speakers or even better with a 5.2 speaker system, and a medium to small-ish room can sound sensational with just 2.1 speakers, 3.1 speaker front surround, or a sound bar and a subwoofer. If you want to add a height dimension to your home theater, consider a 5.1.2 speaker Dolby Atmos system. If you prefer to purchase your speaker system and receiver together in one box OR as a multiple-box bundle, please visit the Home Theater In a Box OR Home Theater In a Bundle page. If you prefer to shop separately for your speakers and receiver, please visit the Home Theater Individual Boxes page.

Got ONE GRAND* MAX Budgeted To Buy a 5.1 Surround Sound Audio System?

Each of the following 5.1 bundles include the Klipsch HD Theater 600 six-piece home theater speaker system plus a 2017 model 7.2 channel network ready surround sound receiver. The bundle pictured below left includes the THX-certified Onkyo TX-NR777 [video] and is available for online purchase at The bundle pictured below center includes the Yamaha RX-A770 AVENTAGE [video] receiver and is also available at The bundle pictured below right includes the Pioneer Elite VSX-LX302 receiver and is, you guessed it, also available at

Onkyo TX-NR777 receiver + Klipsch HD Theater 600 home theater speaker system bundle Yamaha RX-A770 receiver + Klipsch HD Theater 600 home theater speaker system bundle Pioneer VSX-LX302 receiver + Klipsch HD Theater 600 home theater speaker system bundle

*You will need to separately purchase a surge protector, network cable, speaker wire, subwoofer cable, and maybe one or more pairs of floor stands for speakers if you don't already have them.

In addition to buying a home theater audio system, you also need a television if you don't already have one -- either mounted on your wall or sitting atop a TV stand. Be sure you've got enough shelving space to place your home theater receiver (with "breathing room" for ventilation) and your source components, and space directly underneath the TV screen for a center channel speaker (unless you are going with a 2.1 speaker audio system) or a sound bar.

Depending on your specific situation and what you already have, you should also leave enough room in your home theater budget for wall-mounting brackets or floor stands for non-floor-standing speakers, (in-wall) speaker wire, subwoofer cable(s), HDMI cable(s), component or composite AV cables, digital audio cable, Ethernet cable, and/or a power strip surge protector, if needed. Visit the Home Theater Interconnects Between and Home Theater Installation Basics pages for more info.


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