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Home Theater Integrated Bundles

My aim for is to help you get up to date with currently available options for adding a nice-sounding home theater audio system to your existing television (or Ultra Short Throw projector and projection screen) and source components without settling for a conventional Home Theater In a Box or a soundbar system.

Depending mostly on the size and shape of the room in which you plan on setting up your home theater and the location of your TV and seating, you should first choose a speaker configuration. 5.1 speakers work well for many medium to larger sized rooms. If you've got a decent ceiling to reflect a Dolby Atmos signal off of and want to add a height element to your surround sound experience, you should consider 5.1.2 speakers.

Smaller rooms and oddly-shaped room layouts that won't let you easily or properly set up rear surround speakers to each side of, and/or slightly behind, your seating area may work better with just speakers across the front soundstage in a simpler 3.1 or 3.1.2 configuration.

***If you want to design and build out a custom high-end dedicated home theater room with a video projector and huge projection screen, get professional assistance from experienced home theater designers and installers.

Conventional Speakers & Receiver


Surround Without Speaker Wires?

Gone for good are the days that required purchasing a large spool of speaker wire and potentially drilling/cutting permanent holes through the floor and walls for fishing cables to each speaker location in your home theater room. As long as you've got access to AC power outlets to plug in each of the five to seven speakers and the subwoofer, plus the wireless transmitter (use a power strip surge protector behind TV stand), you can enjoy plug-and-play room-filling cinema-like surround sound audio from the comfort of your own home theater. Once again, you don't have to settle for a sound bar and sub!

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In addition to your home theater audio system, you will also need to separately supply or buy most or all of the following:


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