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Ready to hear and feel all the amazing, cinematic audio effects encoded into your movies, shows, and games?

Connect a surround sound system to your big screen TV and source components to create your home theater!

Home Theater IS BETTER...than TV speakers

Today's competitive flat screen television marketplace has forced frugal manufacturers to focus on putting most of their time, attention, and resources into producing and marketing an amazing 4K/8K picture, leaving sound quality as almost an afterthought. A big reason that the small speakers squeezed into modern TVs sound so disappointing (especially compared to the "old school" tube and rear projection models of the past) is that decent-sounding audio requires adequate speaker cabinet space and depth to mount larger drivers and there simply isn't enough cubic volume available to do this inside a super-thin television.


Home Theater IS BETTER...than a soundbar

A soundbar system packs at least the front left, center, and front right channel speakers together into a single long, thin horizontal cabinet that "hides" underneath the television. This not only limits the size and quantity of speaker drivers but also collapses the soundstage due to lack of stereo separation between the front left and right channels which should ideally be individual speakers located to each side of the TV screen, leaving just the center channel speaker beneath the TV. Truly-immersive 5.1-channel surround sound (or convincing two-channel stereo) is not possible from any sound bar system, even with the addition of a pair of rear surround speakers and a separate subwoofer.

Home Theater IS BETTER...than the cinema

The last time I left home to see a movie with my family, there was not nearly enough space for me to sit comfortably and stretch out my long legs, making it unpleasant and painful to sit through the previews and 100-minute-long movie. A voice came over the cinema speakers demanding that someone turn off their phone just before the movie began. (By contrast, today's home theaters encourage the use of a phone app to complete your home theater speaker setup and maximize your listening experience.) Obviously, I could not adjust the cinema's speaker volume(s) or pause the movie at will to visit the restroom or concession stand, and the prices we paid for food and drinks were excessive. The movie itself was enjoyable.

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How To Complete The Home Theater System

A surround sound audio system is designed to work together with your existing "smart" television or projector and other "smart" home A/V components such as a Blu-ray Disc player (which plays Blu-ray Discs, as well as standard DVDs and music CDs) and/or video game console(s). You will definitely need high-speed Internet connectivity to take full advantage of the best streaming and interactive entertainment. Depending on the specific surround sound system you buy and what you've already got, HDMI, Ethernet, digital audio, and/or other cables including (in-wall) speaker wire and a subwoofer cable may be required to properly connect it all, as well as a power strip surge protector with plenty of AC outlets. (Wireless and WiSA solutions require an AC outlet for each individual speaker that's "wireless".) After you've done some experimentation and trial runs and decided the absolute best locations in your specific room for each of your speakers, you may also want to buy some floor stands or wall mounts for some or all of the speakers. You may also want/need to do some acoustic room treatment and/or soundproofing, and don't forget comfortable home theater seating. Lastly, if you are running into roadblocks completing your home theater setup and/or installation, please seek the assistance of a qualified professional. can also be reached by entering,, or
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