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Home Theater Audio System -- IN ONE BOX

It's mind-blowing how much surround sound audio magic can be conveniently crammed into, shipped inside, and unpacked from a single large box! A 5.1-channel home theater audio system includes a total of six speakers -- front left, center channel, front right, left side/rear, right side/rear, and subwoofer -- which work together to reproduce amazing, immersive surround sound effects in your home theater similar to your local cinema when set up properly.

Onkyo HT-S9800THX 7.1-channel Home Theater In A Box

Onkyo Receiver and Speakers  Perfect for a home theater where you will be seated six to eight feet from your TV screen, the THX Certified Integrated System 7.1-channel Onkyo HT-S9800THX (pictured above) adds an additional pair of back speakers to take advantage of the space both at the sides of, and behind your home theater seating area to experience all eight channels of stunning, spine-tingling Dolby TrueHD lossless high definition audio from Blu-ray Discs. (Or, you could instead set it up for 5.1-channel surround and wire the additional pair of speakers to send stereo sound to Zone 2.)

Onkyo HT-S7800 5.1.2-channel Home Theater In A Box

The 5.1.2-channel Onkyo HT-S7800 (pictured above) includes front left and right speakers that are Dolby Atmos Enabled which can add a surprising "Height" dimension to your 5.1-channel home theater experience by reflecting vertical effects off your ceiling.


Bose Home Theater In A Box  The tagline on their website states "Performance. Craftsmanship. Simplicity." The beautiful $3999.95 Bose Lifestyle 650 (pictured below) includes four matching omni-directional OmniJewel speakers, a sleek twenty-one inch wide center channel speaker packing five drivers, and a "wireless" Acoustimass bass module to handle the low frequencies. The cables are included for connecting the front left, center, and front right speakers directly to the back of the included console, and you also get a pair of wireless receivers which connect to two of the OmniJewel speakers to make your rear speakers "wireless".

Bose Lifestyle 650 5.1-channel Home Theater In A Box

The $2999.95 Bose Lifestyle 600 includes four matching redesigned Jewel Cube direct/reflecting speakers, and a much more compact six-inch wide center channel speaker. (All of the speakers and bass module of the Lifestyle 600 connect in the same way as the Lifestyle 650.) This is the most "affordable" complete 5.1-channel surround sound system offered by Bose.