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Enclave Audio CineHome II and
THX Certified PRO 5.1 Bundles

Are you are wanting to take full advantage of the Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital, and DTS Digital Surround audio effects that are encoded into most of today's streaming television apps, in video games, and on Blu-ray Discs and DVDs? The Enclave Audio CineHome II CineHub Edition 5.1 Bundle featured in the video below is the most affordable WiSA Certified wireless 5.1 home theater system offered by Enclave that can be connected to any television with HDMI ARC or optical audio output.

You get a pair of slim two-way front left and right speakers, a three-driver center channel speaker, a pair of bi-pole rear speakers, an 8" downward-firing subwoofer, and Enclave's small CineHub which connects to your TV. You will need to leave each of your source components connected to the HDMI inputs on your television. No Enclave remote is included, and your TV's remote or a universal remote will only control the most basic functions like switching among TV inputs and volume. Proper setup with all of the "advanced settings" and firmware updates requires Bluetooth connection via your smartphone to download and use the Enclave CineHub Remote app. Check price and availability at Amazon.

The Enclave Audio CineHome PRO CineHub Edition THX Certified 5.1 Bundle featured in the YouTube video above is the world's first ever THX Certified and WiSA Certified wireless home theater system. As you might expect, this step up gets you larger, perfectly-voice-matched speakers across the front sound stage. The rear speakers on this system are the same speakers as the front left and right in the cheaper system and you also get a larger 10" front-firing subwoofer. Check price and availability at Amazon.





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