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Home Theater In Backyard

Humongous Television Infinite Budget If you don't think a million bucks is too much to blow to be able to brag about having the VERY BIGGEST and VERY BEST backyard home theater system in the world, I recommend the groundbreaking Porsche-Designed C SEED 201 and a 5.1, 7.1, or even 9.1-channel surround sound system with L'Acoustics C SEED 125 speakers and the C SEED 136 subwoofer. You can control the entire system with the C SEED Audio app from your smartphone!

Huge Television In Backyard OK, now for the other 99.9% of us. There are plenty of weatherproof outdoor 4K television options on the market with screen sizes measuring up to 85-inches diagonal, some with Smart TV capabilities. With optional accessories, you can permanently wall or ceiling mount an outdoor television or attach it to a floor stand, or instead go with a portable TV cart on casters that can support up to a 70-inch television if you prefer not leaving a television outdoors year round. If you would be satisfied by virtual surround sound offered by a sound bar, add-on soundbar audio systems that are able to endure the elements are also available. And don't forget a dust cover! You can shop for everything mentioned in this paragraph at

center channelTIC TFS10 8-inch performance rock speaker subwooferTIC GS50 8-inch passive subwoofer TIC TFS50 8-inch passive subwoofer front L+R, surroundsTIC GS5 5-inch omni speaker pair TIC TFS0 4.5-inch rock speaker pair TIC ASP25 3-way speaker pair TIC GS10 4-inch omni speakers receiver Yamaha RX-V483BL WX-010 Kit MusicCast AV Receiver and Wireless Speaker White burial cableOrigin Series 14AWG 4-Conductor Burial Rated Speaker Wire, 250ft HDMI cable Plenum High Speed HDMI Cable

Hidden TIC In Bushes? If you are going with a permanent year-round installation, you will definitely want to connect your outdoor TV to a separate 5.1 channel home theater system. Here's how you could "hide" TIC speakers and subwoofers. Because probably half of your surround sound audio comes from the center channel, go high quality for this speaker. Then pick either the Shrub Green or Rock 8-inch passive subwoofer with built-in crossover designed to accept the front left and right speaker inputs from your receiver. Because the sub will handle all the bass, you can get away with smaller front left and right and rear surround speakers. You will also need to purchase a Wi-Fi capable, network-ready 5.1-channel home theater receiver such as the Yamaha RX-V483 which should be left indoors and you can use their phone app to operate the receiver wirelessly from the yard. In the setup menu under speaker configuration, be sure to tell it that NO (powered) subwoofer is connected and size of the front speakers is LARGE. Be sure to run speaker wire that's fit for direct burial, and in-wall rated high-speed HDMI cable to run from the receiver to the TV. Click on any of the pictures above for information on how to purchase.

Humongous Theater Intermediate Budget Projector systems offer a temporary big screen experience that can easily be set up and "broken down" as needed for backyard home theater fun. Diagonal screen sizes measure in the hundreds of inches. For more information, check out the complete backyard home theater system packages available from Open Air Cinema and Backyard Theater Systems.

Huge Theater Inexpensive Budget If you are looking for a cheap backyard home theater system kit for the kids to play with, check out the two bundles offered by Sima that include a projector, screen, speakers, and a carry bag -- the XL-PRO84 with popup screen (available from Rakuten) and the XL-PRO with inflatable screen and air pump (also available from Rakuten).

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