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A Pair of Speakers For Home Theater Front Left and Right Channels

Your front left and right speakers are the most important speakers in your system, especially if you're an audiophile who listens to a lot of music. The front left and right channels play a significant portion of multi-channel surround sound audio soundtracks. In general, floor standing towers offer the widest frequency response among speaker types; smaller bookshelf speakers, mini satellite speakers, and in-wall/ceiling speakers with identical tweeters and mid-range drivers can reproduce highs and mids like larger tower speakers, but typically cannot reproduce deep bass without the support of a separate powered subwoofer.

TWO Subs for the Space of NONE!! If you crave deep, satisfying bass but simply lack the room space to set up a separate subwoofer, or your spouse, significant other, or roommate "won't go for an ugly box sitting in the corner", you should consider purchasing a pair of Definitive Technology Bi-Polar floor standing tower speakers with integrated powered subwoofers.

If you plan on purchasing in phases and adding the required speakers to complete your surround sound system over time, you may want to overspend a bit on "the front end" for your main stereo speaker pair so you've got a rock-solid foundation to build an amazing-sounding home theater. Be sure to plan ahead for future budget reasons how much the matching center channel speaker and surround effects speakers from the same series will cost you, as well as at least one sub, and also don't wait SO long to complete your system that voice-matched center and surround speakers are no longer available! Check out the Klipsch RP-260F pictured below left (available from OneCall), the Polk TSi500 pictured below center (also available from OneCall), and the Fluance XL7F pictured below right.

Klipsch RP-260F Polk TSi500 Fluance XL7F

Begin on a Budget If you are not financially ready to buy the big, beautiful front speakers that you really want, instead purchase an inexpensive pair of smaller bookshelf speakers from the same manufacturer and series as the ones you really want and use them temporarily as your primary speakers. In the future, these speakers can take on a new role as rear or back surround speakers, or you can put them to good use in another room if you set up a multi-zone whole house audio system. Check out the Klipsch RP-150M pictured below left (available from OneCall) and Polk TSi100 pictured below center (also available from OneCall), and the Fluance XL7S pictured below right.

Klipsch RP-150M Polk TSi100

Likewise, if you already own a center channel speaker and voice-matched pair of speakers that would work well as rear surrounds, your new front speakers should ideally be of the same brand, and better still, the same series.


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