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Four-Piece Matched 3.1 Front Left + Center + Right + Sub Packages

If you watch a fair amount of television and movies and want to be sure that you can clearly hear all the detail of dialog, but also don't have the right kind of room and/or inclination (yet?) to run speaker wires from the front to the back of your room to rear surround speakers, there is no better way to be sure that your "front soundstage" is perfectly voice matched, and save yourself some money at the same time, than to buy a 3.1 speaker bundle.

Both of the Aperion 3.1 speaker systems pictured directly below include the same Intimus 4C center channel speaker and Bravus II 8D powered subwoofer. The bundle on the left includes a pair of Intimus 4T floor standing tower speakers for your front left and right channels (available direct), and the one on the right includes a pair of Intimus 4B bookshelf speakers (also available direct). Don't forget speaker wire and a subwoofer cable!

Aperion Audio 3.1 Intimus 4T Starter - Stealth Black Aperion Audio 3.1 Intimus 4B Bookshelf Starter - Stealth Black

Both of the Polk 3.1 speaker bundles pictured below include the same CS10 center channel speaker and PSW 110 powered subwoofer. The system on the left includes two TSi400 tower speakers (available from Rakuten), and the one on the right includes a pair of TSi300 towers (also available from Rakuten).

Polk Audio TSi 400 3.1 Home Theater Speaker System (TSi 400 + CS10 + PSW110) Polk Audio TSi 300 3.1 Home Theater System (TSi 300 + CS10 + PSW110)


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