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D. BP9040 + CS9060 + SR9040 = Five Speakers That Perform As 5.3!!!

Home Theater Immensely Bipolar When you combine a pair of Definitive Technology BP9040 bipolar floor standing tower speakers pictured below left (available from OneCall), with a CS9060 center channel speaker pictured below middle (also available from OneCall), and a pair of SR9040 bipolar surround effects speakers shown below right (and yes, by golly, available from OneCall), you've got an amazing, immersive surround sound speaker system with plenty of impressive low frequency bass supplied by three "stealth" integrated 8-inch powered subwoofers across your front soundstage!!!

Definitive Technology BP9040 (Pair) | Tower Speakers w/Subwoofers Definitive Technology CS9060 | Center Channel Speaker w/Powered Subwoofer Definitive Technology SR9040 (Pair) | BiPolar Surround Speakers

To connect them to your home theater receiver, you will need enough (in-wall) speaker wire to run from the back of the receiver to the location of each of the five speakers, plus anywhere from zero to two subwoofer cables (and maybe a Y-connector) depending on how you choose to connect the towers and whether your receiver has one or two LFE sub outputs, plus three available AC outlets on your surge protector to plug in the two towers and center channel speaker.

Definitive Technology BP9060 towers + CS9060 center + SR9040 surrounds


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