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Front Left, Center, Right, Rear Surround, Back Surround Speakers

IF YOU WANT TO: be sure you end up with seven voice-matched surround sound speakers, AND be able to independently select and purchase or use your own compatible powered subwoofer(s) and home theater receiver of any brand, AND possibly save yourself some time and money during the buying process, you are on the right page. You will also need to separately purchase enough (in-wall) speaker wire to connect all seven surround speakers, plus perhaps floor stands or wall mounts for the side/rear/back surround speakers, if needed.

The JBL 7.0 speaker bundle available from World Wide Stereo at pictured below left includes the Studio 270 floor standing towers for the front left and right speakers, the Studio 225C center channel speaker, a pair of Studio 220 bookshelf speakers, and a pair of Studio 210 wall-hangable surround speakers.

JBL Studio 270 7.0 speaker bundle Fluance 7.0 speaker bundle

Love the look of mahogany? The Fluance Reference Series 7.0 speaker bundle available directly from Fluance pictured above right includes a pair of XL7F floor standing tower speakers, the XL7C center channel speaker, and four XL7S bookshelf surround sound speakers.


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