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Center Channel Speaker = Clear Dialog + Smoother Surround Sound

The primary purpose of a center channel speaker is to accurately reproduce crisp, clear dialog from digital surround sound encoded content. This is why it should be placed on a shelf or stand, or wall-mounted, directly beneath (or above) your television screen. People, especially those who are hearing impaired, deserve to be able to easily adjust the volume of the center channel speaker independently of all of the other channels so they can more easily hear and follow the dialog to stay fully engaged in TV shows and movies.

The center speaker also provides sound for smooth panning of surround effects from side-to-side between the front speakers, and from front-to-back and vice-versa. To be sure you experience the smoothest, most seamless, most immersive surround sound audio possible from your home theater, it's important that your center channel speaker be from the same brand (and series, if possible) as your front speakers and surround effects speakers. Check out the Klipsch RP-450C pictured below left (available from OneCall), the Polk CSiA6 pictured below center (also available from OneCall), and the Fluance XL7C pictured below right.

Klipsch RP-450C Polk CSiA6 Fluance XL7C


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