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Powered Subwoofer Provides Low-Frequency Surround Sound Effects

No surround sound speaker system is complete without at least one self-powered subwoofer to handle the .1 channel low-frequency audio effects. Have you noticed that there are now quite a few 5.2-channel home theater receivers on the market, and fewer 5.1 models? And that 7.2-channel surround receivers have entirely replaced 7.1-channel models in the marketplace. Want to know why? BASS-SICK-ly it's because there's an ACTIVE CONE-spiracy MAKING WAVES among all the formerly-PASSIVE sub companies to double their LOWER-FREQUENCY subwoofer sales, and I HEAR (and FEEL) that all indicators now POINT TWO SUBS-tantial BOOMING sales growth in the future, perhaps even EXPLOSIVE!! (I'm DEEP-ly sorry, I couldn't help my-SELF.) Manufacturers realize that more channels means larger-size rooms to fill with sound, and that most consumers prefer smaller non-floor-standing speakers for their rear and back surround effects channels. This means that there is now an opportunity to better fill the deep-bass void left inside that large home theater room by installing dual powered subwoofers. Heck, Definitive Technology integrates powered subwoofers inside select bipolar tower and center channel speaker models!!!

OneCall offers about fifty different models of powered subwoofer, ranging in price from about $250 to $2500 each - they even sell pairs of high end SVS subs for as much as $4000!!!!

It is NOT NECESSARY that your powered sub(s) be from the same brand as the rest of your surround sound speakers. And it's also NOT NECESSARY that your subwoofer(s) be located within subwoofer-cable-length of your home theater receiver IF you buy a "wireless-ready" sub such as the Klipsch R-115SW 15-inch 400-watt RMS powered subwoofer pictured below left together with the optional WA-2 wireless transmitter and receiver (currently available as a bundle from World Wide Stereo at Wireless connectivity does makes it more convenient to experiment a bit with sub location (anywhere near an AC power outlet) to achieve the best bass possible.

Klipsch R-115SW/WA-2 Bundle 15-inch Powered Subwoofer and Wireless Kit SVS SB13-Ultra Piano Gloss 13-inch Compact Sealed Subwoofer Aperion Bravus II 10D 10-inch powered subwoofer

Rated down to 20Hz, the SVS SB13-Ultra 13½-inch sealed enclosure 1000-watt RMS powered subwoofer pictured above middle in Piano Gloss Black finish (available from Huppin's) is a perfect solution for an audiophile who demands that their sub looks as great as it sounds. Rated down to 28Hz, the Aperion Bravus II 10D (available direct) 500-watt RMS sealed enclosure powered subwoofer pictured above right features a downward-firing active 10-inch driver and dual side-firing passive radiators!!!

The Piano Black finish Yamaha NS-SW300 10-inch front-firing Twisted Flare side-ported 250-watt powered subwoofer (available from BestBuy) is pictured below left with the optional SWK-W16 wireless subwoofer kit (also available from BestBuy). Alternatively, it can be linked to a Yamaha receiver that features a system connector jack (such as their current RX-V683, RX-A770, and RX-A870 models) for simultaneous power on/off operation using the supplied system control cable to connect it to the Yamaha receiver so when you turn on or off the power to the receiver, the sub will also be turned on or off.

Yamaha SWK-W16 Yamaha NS-SW300 JBL Studio SUB 260 P Fluance DB12 12-inch powered subwoofer

Rated down to 29Hz, the Studio 2 Series JBL Studio SUB 260P 12-inch front-firing rear-ported 300-watt powered subwoofer pictured above in the middle is available from Rakuten. Rated down to 36Hz, the Mahogany finish Fluance DB12 (available direct) front-firing 12-inch 240-watt RMS dual ported powered subwoofer pictured above right is also offered in a Dark Walnut or Black Ash finish.


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