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Surround Effects Speakers Immerse You Within The Movie Action

Digital surround sound audio only works as intended when there are additional speakers located in the rear of the room to each side of the seating area for 5.1 channel home theater, and also the back of the room behind the seating area for 7.1 channel home theater. Off-screen movie action that pans smoothly and seamlessly from side to side, or starts at the back of the room and pans to the front or vice-versa requires properly placed speakers that are voice-matched with the front left and right and center channel speaker.

Effects speakers can technically be of any type, but most people prefer bi-pole/di-pole speakers, smaller bookshelf speakers, satellite speakers, or in-wall/ceiling speakers because they don't want their entire room taken over by tower speakers. A Dolby Atmos height element is also possible by adding a pair of special "elevation speakers", usually either mounted in or on the ceiling overhead just slightly in front of your seating area, or resting on top of the two front speakers aimed toward the ceiling to reflect the Atmos signal off of it. The Dolby Speaker Setup Guides include lots of beautiful diagrams for every type of surround sound speaker setup.

Pictured below are some bipole/dipole surround speakers. The Klipsch RP-240S speakers shown below left are available from OneCall. The Polk FXiA6 bi-pole/di-pole speaker pair below in the middle is also available from OneCall. The Fluance XLBP (available factory direct) bipolar speaker pair is pictured below right.

Klipsch RP-240S surround speaker pair Polk FXiA6 bipole/dipole surround speaker pair Fluance XLBP bipolar surround speaker pair

Additionally, you may need to purchase optional floor stands or wall/ceiling-mount brackets to support non-floor-standing bookshelf speakers, bi-pole/di-pole speakers, or satellite speakers, although some of these include basic keyhole-type wall-mounting capability. Also, be sure to use in-wall rated speaker cable for any wiring that will be fished through the walls, ceiling, and/or floor.


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