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It's kind of amusing that, while working on adding this page about HUGE televisions and another about HUMONGOUS ones, I found the definitions of both words include "very large". Upon facing this geek dilemma about which word implies largER, I ultimately justified my "executive decision" based on comparing the length of, and number of syllables in, each word. After that was settled, I chose to make this Huge Television In a Box page about TVs with screens measuring up to 79 inches diagonally, and the Humongous Television In a Box page about those with screens measuring 80 inches or more diagonally.

Want to know the absolute MINIMUM and MAXIMUM diagonal TV screen sizes, in inches, that you should consider buying? Easy. Measure the viewing-distance, in feet, from where your eyes will be located while seated to where the television screen will be located, and multiply it by both 7 and 10. For example, if your viewing-distance will be 7 feet, you should limit your TV shopping search to TVs with diagonal screen sizes within the 49-inch to 70-inch range.

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Along with deciding on a specific size, you also need to choose exactly where in the room the television will be located. You should plan on also buying either a bracket to wall-mount it (plus possibly a separate stand for holding just home theater components, such as the Everest Multi-Level Component Stand in Black Finish Walker Edison V35CMPB from Totally Furniture), or a large TV stand to assemble and rest it on. In addition to supporting the width, depth, and weight of your HUGE television, the right stand should also have enough shelving space to hold each of your source components and a home theater receiver (with adequate ventilation), and have space directly underneath the TV screen for a center channel speaker or a sound bar. Large home-theater-friendly TV stands like this can be difficult to find! (A good example is the Manhattan Comfort 2-1531382353 - Cabrini TV Stand and Floating Wall TV Panel with LED Lights 2.2 in Black from Totally Furniture.) Don't forget that you will probably also need to purchase, hide, and plug in a power strip surge protector behind the TV stand.

Already own a specific television, and have some flexibility with how far your seating will be located from the screen? Take the diagonal TV screen size, in inches, and divide it by both 7 and 10 to calculate the optimal viewing-distance range, in feet, from your eyes while seated, to the screen. For example, if you already own the beautiful top-of-the-line model curved Samsung 78-inch diagonal TV pictured below, you will ideally want your viewing-distance to be within the 7.8 feet to 11.1 feet range.

Samsung UN78KS9800 78-inch Curved Smart 4K SUHD LED-LCD TV
Samsung UN78KS9800FXZA 78-inch CURVED
4K SUHD Quantum Dot LED-LCD TV - OneCall

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LG 75UH6550 75-inch 4K UHD LED TV
LG 75UH6550 75-inch 4K UHD LED-LCD TV - OneCall


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