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Platin Monaco 5.1 Plus Axiim LINK
WiSA Ready Home Theater System

***If you've already got an Xbox One and/or a 2019-2020 model LG OLED or NanoCell TV (or you simply want to add surround sound audio to your Windows 10 PC or Apple Mac)*** and you're shopping for a wireless surround sound system that you can get for less than a grand, the $799.99 WiSA Ready Platin Monaco 5.1 Plus Axiim LINK Immersive Wireless Home Audio System might be your solution.

This Tuned by THX package includes four of the smallest two-way satellite speakers of any showcased on this website at less than 7" in height, a center channel speaker, a low-profile 6.5" subwoofer that's less than 6" in height, and six 6' power cables. The Axiim LINK USB wireless transmitter and USB cable are included to connect to your Xbox One or WiSA Ready LG television. Check price and availability at Amazon.

3.1 Speakers

Prefer eliminating the two rear surround speakers entirely? The Platin Monaco 3.1 Plus Axiim Link Wireless Home Theater System includes everything in the 5.1 system MINUS THE TWO SURROUND SPEAKERS. Check price and availability at Amazon.





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