Home Theater In (multiple) Boxes - Home Theater In Bundles - Receiver + Speaker Systems

If you are wanting to experience that immersive, larger-than-life audio/visual sensation and ambience which rivals the feel of your local cinema but within the comfort of your home, you need to add a separate surround sound audio system to your big screen TV or (ultra short throw) projector, along with one or more A/V source components such as a Blu-ray Disc player or video game console.

Unless you are willing to “settle” for one of the so-called “wireless” surround sound speaker systems which ironically require as many as seven AC power outlets perfectly located throughout your room to individually plug in each speaker, including the subwoofer, plus a transmitter, there are currently zero all-in-one “Home Theater In a Box” audio systems on the market that I can recommend to you in good conscience. I also do not recommend any soundbar systems, even with a separate sub.

However, if you are ready and willing to properly set up and install a high-quality surround sound audio system the “old school” way by running five or more individual speaker wires and a subwoofer cable from the back panel of a home theater receiver to each of the ideal speaker locations within your room, you are still in luck!

A handful of factory-authorized audio-savvy merchants who sell on Amazon.com now offer “HTIB” systems that can be thought of as “Home Theater In Bundles” which include a current-model home theater receiver together with a compatible surround sound speaker system. These pre-matched home theater audio bundles are packaged and shipped inside MULTIPLE BOXES, and typically do not include any speaker wire or a subwoofer cable. I especially recommend the Onkyo receiver + Klipsch speaker bundles.

In addition to an A/V receiver and speakers bundle, speaker wire, and a subwoofer cable, you will also need to separately supply or buy a 4K or 8K big screen television or (ultra short throw) video projector and projection screen, source components such as a Blu-ray Disc player or video game console, and any HDMI cables required to connect everything to your new home theater receiver. High-speed internet connectivity via ethernet cable and/or wi-fi is needed to take advantage of streaming media. Lastly, don’t forget power surge protection!

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