Denon + Polk

Denon Home Theater Receiver + Polk Surround Sound Speaker System

In April of 2022, Sound United, the parent company of Denon, Polk, and other audio brands, was acquired by and became a subsidiary of Masimo Corporation.

Pictured below is a modern-looking and amazing-sounding 5.1-channel home theater audio bundle [available at Amazon] which includes a Denon 7.2-channel home theater receiver matched with a six-piece Polk surround sound speaker system.

The Polk Signature Elite series middle of the line model 41.5″ tall ES55 floor standing tower front speaker [manufacturer’s link] is a two-way design featuring a 1″ Terylene dome tweeter, dual 6.5″ polypropylene woofers, and a bottom-mounted Power Port.

The 24.4″ wide ES35 center channel speaker [manufacturer’s link] packs seven drivers into a slim, low-profile cabinet measuring a mere 4.1″ high and features a 1″ Terylene dome tweeter, six 3″ polypropylene drivers, and a rear Power Port.

Rear surround effects are provided by a pair of ultra-compact ES10 bookshelf speakers [manufacturer’s link] which measure only 8.4″ high and feature a 1″ tweeter, 4″ woofer, and rear port. Lastly, the low frequency effects are supplied by the HTS 10 10″ front-firing, bottom-ported powered subwoofer [manufacturer’s link].

The Denon AVR-S960H 7.2-channel network home theater receiver [manufacturer’s link] puts out 90 watts per channel and supports 8K/60Hz and 4K/120Hz pass-through and upscaling. (Being a 7.2-channel AVR, two extra channels are available if and when you decide to upgrade from 5.1 by adding an optional pair of either Dolby Atmos elevation speakers or back effects speakers for 7.1 surround.)

As you might expect, speaker wire and a subwoofer cable are sold separately. This bundle should arrive at your home packaged in SIX INDIVIDUAL BOXES, perhaps not all delivered on the same day!

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