Home Theater In Bundles - Speaker System and Receiver

HTIB.com features a selection of starter and complete home theater audio system bundles which include two or more speakers and a surround sound receiver. These home theater bundles are packaged and shipped to your home inside multiple large and/or heavy boxes, which may or may not all be delivered on the same day! Unless noted otherwise, you will need to separately supply or purchase appropriate speaker wire, subwoofer cable, and HDMI cable to properly complete the setup and installation of your audio system and integrate it with your existing A/V source components and big screen television or (ultra short throw) projector.

Home Theater Is Better!

The simple fact that you have reached this site suggests that you are seeking better sound. Today’s inferior-sounding ultra-thin televisions leave little room for decent quality speakers and their required amplification, and the speakers and amplifier built into even the best UST projectors are nothing more than a glorified small, low-end sound bar.

Speaking of soundbars, you will not find any soundbar systems featured on the pages of this website, as they do not “deliver the goods” when it comes to sound quality for music listening, in part due to lack of stereo separation. You also will not find any all-in-one “Home Theater In a Box” packages featured on this site, neither conventional hard-wired systems nor so-called “wireless” surround sound systems, as they come up short soundwise and featurewise, and the “wireless” systems inconveniently require that the power cords for each speaker, plus the subwoofer, plus the transmitter all be individually plugged into nearby AC outlets for power. That’s seven total power cords to contend with just for a mediocre audio system!!!!!!!

After proper selection, purchase, and in-home setup, quality loudspeakers connected to a modern home theater receiver, plus your big screen television or (ultra short throw) projector and projection screen, and your source components, plus some high quality content to pump through it, can all function together as an integrated home theater system to create a fun, immersive audio and visual experience to enjoy with family and friends in the comfort of your home which rivals your local movie theater.

Home Theater Is Beautiful!

I am not only referring to the physical and functional beauty of the individual speakers, subwoofers, and receivers themselves, or the televisions and projectors. And it’s so much more than the amazing sound and image they can produce.

The most beautiful aspect of building a home theater system today is the flexibility of being able to set it up almost anywhere in your home that you prefer, and also make it as “complete” a system as you want it to be. As long as you are connecting it to a large television or projector and screen, you can set it up in a living room, den, bedroom, basement, or a dedicated home theater room, perhaps acoustically-treated (in black, gray, or beige).

You can build and/or upgrade in increments if you wish, starting with just two speakers located to the left and right of your TV or projection screen, and a surround sound receiver. That is a 2.0 system. Add a center channel speaker underneath the television, projection screen, or ultra short throw projector for dialogue clarity. That is a 3.0 system. Add a pair of rear surround speakers to the sides of, or slightly behind, your seating area for off-screen surround effects. That is a 5.0 system. Add a powered subwoofer or two located near the corner(s) of your room for deep bass effects. That is a “complete” basic 5.1 or 5.2 home theater audio system. If you prefer, you can bite the bullet and buy the entire system all at once.

But, is 5.1 or 5.2 surround sound truly “complete” in the current day? Today’s 7.2-channel home theater receivers allow you to expand either horizontally or vertically. Adding an extra pair of speakers in the back of your room to set up 7.1 or 7.2 surround allows you to take full advantage of lossless Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio contained on Blu-ray Discs. Configuring instead as 5.1.2 or 5.2.2 lets you add upward-firing elevation speakers atop the front left and right speakers, height speakers mounted high on the front wall, or even overhead ceiling speakers to create an even more immersive three-dimensional Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround experience in your home.


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