5.0.2 Speaker System and Home Theater Receiver Bundle

A 5.0.2 home theater system INCLUDES a front left and a front right speaker which should be located at or near each side of your television or projection screen; elevation speakers for vertical height effects either built into the top of, or as separate modules sitting atop, each front speaker and firing upwards reflecting off the ceiling; a center channel speaker for dialogue which should be located underneath your TV, projection screen, or ultra short throw projector; a pair of rear surround speakers for off-screen effects which should be located near each side of, or slightly behind, your seating area; and a 7.1-channel or more surround sound receiver. Speaker wire and HDMI cables are sold separately.

A 5.0.2 home theater bundle DOES NOT INCLUDE a subwoofer to complete a 5.1.2 home theater system.

To be sure that you are buying at the lowest possible price (due to price variations, fluctuations, and sales), compare the BUNDLE PRICE to the TOTAL IF YOU INSTEAD ADD EACH SYSTEM COMPONENT TO YOUR SHOPPING CART INDIVIDUALLY (INCLUDING SHIPPING) before completing your purchase either way!

Already got a great sounding powered subwoofer or choosing to purchase one separately? Perhaps you lack the necessary room space near a wall or corner to locate a sub, or simply prefer not to set one up for whatever reason. Check out the 5.0.2 home theater system bundle below.

Klipsch Reference Premiere 5.0.2 Speaker System + Onkyo 7.2 Receiver

The 43.1″ high, 10.8″ wide, 18.3″ deep, 61.4 pound Klipsch RP-8000F II floor standing tower speaker [product link] [in Ebony] or [Walnut at Amazon] features a Tractrix horn loaded 1″ titanium LTS vented tweeter, dual 8″ Cerametallic cone woofers, and dual rear-firing Tractrix ports in an internally braced MDF cabinet. Frequency response is 35Hz-25kHz ±3dB, sensitivity is 98dB, and power handling is 150 watts continuous, 600 watts peak. The versatile wedge-shaped RP-500SA II surround sound speakers [product link] [in Ebony or Walnut at Amazon] feature a 1″ tweeter and 5¼” woofer and can simply sit atop each front speaker as up-firing elevation speakers (or be hung on the wall as front height speakers, or in the back of the room for 7.0).

The 32.1″ wide, 6.9″ high, 15.1″ deep, 36.3 pound RP-504C II center channel speaker [product link] [in Ebony or Walnut at Amazon] features a 1″ tweeter, four 5¼” woofers, and a rear-firing port. The wall hangable/mountable 14.2″ high, 11.9″ wide, 7.6″ deep, 16.7″ pound RP-502S II surround sound speakers [product link] [in Ebony or Walnut at Amazon] feature a wide dispersion design with dual 1″ tweeters and dual 5¼” woofers in a sealed cabinet that’s perfect for placement to each side of your seating area. Speaker impedances are compatible with receiver.

The THX Select Certified Onkyo TX-NR6100 7.2-channel network A/V receiver [product link] [at Amazon] is a great choice for 5.0.2 (or 5.1.2 or 5.2.2) Dolby Atmos/DTS:X. Also decodes Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, and has THX listening modes. Rated 100 watts per channel with two channels driven. VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), and QFT (Quick Frame Transport) for gaming. Connectivity includes 6 HDMI inputs (1-3 are 8K), eARC, Ethernet, USB, 2 digital audio inputs, 4 analog RCA audio inputs, phono input, ¼” headphone jack, ⅛” mic input for AccuEQ setup. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Receiver dimensions are 17.1″ wide, 6.8″ high (without antennas up), 14.9″ deep, and it weighs 21.6 pounds. BUNDLE PRICE with this Onkyo receiver and either Ebony or Walnut speakers at Amazon.com, or at Klipsch.com.

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